Who are we?

The A3 Foundation is a nonprofit supporting emerging Asian American artists in the media founded in 2012 by early Facebookers, Philip Fung, Julia Lam, and Franklyn Chien, who met on a mission to make the world more social.

What do we do?

The A3 Foundation invests in people — from the talent behind the scenes (the writer, the director, the producer) to the artists in front of the camera.

Do we invest in any particular kind of art?

We are open to any verticals where Asian Americans are currently under-represented.

Do you focus on only digital or traditional media?

We focus on both digital and traditional media.

Do you invest in movies or films?

No. Our philosophy is to invest in gaining more opportunities for artists rather than individual films. We may invest in a fellow that works on a movie or film set, but we do not directly invest into a particular movie or film.

How are you funded?

Our initial funding is from our founders, but we are a nonprofit that can’t do it alone. Please donate today.

What kind of programs do you have?

We currently have two programs. The A3 Fellows Program and the A3-Sundance Director/Writer Fellowship. You can read more on the Programs page.

How can I contact A3?

Please message us on our Facebook page.